Fit the Cobb in the carry bag

How to all of the Cobb accessories fit in the carry bag

If packed correctly the Cobb with fry dish, fry pan, griddle & dome extension will fit in the bag. This is how to pack the bag.

Start with the empty bag then place the components in this order:

• Place Cobb base with inner bowl and fire basket in the bag
• Invert dome extension and slide over top of dome
• Invert dome with dome extension on and place in inner bowl
• Place small items in dome. lifting handle, chicken roaster wire etc.
• Place roast rack, griddle, grill plate and inverted Fry Pan on dome
• Invert fry dish on top (you may find it easier to place in roof of bag when closing (older side zipped bag))

Note: The Cobb cutting board will not fit in the bag.


Step by step